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Usher's Digital Agency

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Ernest J Usher III

Born in Georgia, raised in the south, he has always been drawn to helping small businesses grow. His father who owns a small business, always emphasized the power in helping other people succeed at their dreams. Because of this passion, Ernest went to school to do just that. In school he developed and perfected his craft, receiving his associates in Business, a bachelor’s, and an MBA in Marketing. Using this education and experience, he established Usher’s Digital Agency where he creates dreams for small businesses come to pass while building relationships for their businesses to maximize their profit and revenue share.


Through the power of social media, connections are created, and maximum exposure driven. Ernest’s aim will be to get your product from your local area to a national level within moments of gaining insights in your business studying the demographics, target markets, character, and gain potential consumers. He also performs training and seminars to guide small businesses to market themselves in the most professional manner and connect them with other vendors who can raise the status of their overall business.


Are you ready to create a better future for your business? Your time is now, and your marketing specialist is waiting for you!

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